July 17, 2024

Self-Injury Awareness Day 2023

Self-Injury Awareness Day 2023

Self-injury Awareness Day, which is also known as SIAD or Self-Harm Awareness Day, is a global event which is observed every year on March 1. It means Self-injury Awareness Day 2023 will be observed on March 1, 2023. The forms of self-harm vary from person to person, however it also includes burning, cutting, scratching the skin, biting etc.

Several individuals have suffered from self-injury, which is a serious condition. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. A day set aside each year on the first of March to raise awareness about the dangers of self-harm is called Self-injury Awareness Day. People opt to be more outspoken about their personal self-harm during the yearly global education event/campaign, and awareness groups make unusual attempts to expand consciousness of self-injury. Self-harm may go unreported, and those who engage in it are left to suffer on their own.

The purpose of Self-injury Awareness Day 2023 is to raise awareness about self-harm. Medically, self-harm is defined as purposefully injuring one’s own body. Non-suicidal methods of self-mutilation involve slashing, scraping, burning, or banging limbs or hands against hard surfaces, occasionally resulting in fractures. Parents, please take note! If Your Children’s Conduct Changes, Pay Closer Attention.

The purpose of Self-Harm Awareness Day is not only to raise awareness of the health condition’s self-injury, but also to dispel the many misconceptions and prejudices that accompany it. Self-harm may be better understood and empathized with if more people are aware of the problem. It also urges individuals to aid those who are afflicted by the scourge of self-injury and provide them with support and guidance. If you or somebody you know is self-injuring, don’t be afraid to open out and share your story.

Why Do People Self- Harm?

Each case of self-harm is different. A “single size fits most” isn’t the case with this product. Most people use self-harm as a way to restore control over aspects of their lives that they believe they have lost control over. Individuals may see it as a way to express themselves. Self-inflicted harm as a means of outwardly expressing one’s own anguish. A loss of self-worth in young individuals may lead to self-injury. As a kind of self-punishment, it has the potential to be very effective.

They may not believe that they are important or that they deserve to be cared for. Self-harm may assist those who are experiencing emotional numbness reclaim their ability to feel. It is possible to use self-harm as a method of self-expression. In the case of someone who has difficulty communicating in other methods, it may be an indication that self-harm is a method for them to get the recognition they need. From our dealing with young people, we’ve gained a deeper awareness of the world around us. There is no one-size-fits-all list of reasons why someone would self-harm.

It’s essential to bear in mind that everyone has their own unique set of life experiences. There will be times when we don’t know why, and that’s okay. Speaking publicly about suicide might raise one’s suicide risk, according to a common suicide misconception. The taboo associated with suicide may be reduced and lives saved when it is discussed honestly and gently.

Getting Support

The following are some ideas for striking up a discussion with somebody who self-harms:

.Get to know them better by asking them about their day or their mood.
.Promise them that you will be there for them if they require support.
.Explain to people why you are concerned about them.
.Check to see whether they’ve considered suicide. The medical or psychological health agency in your area should be contacted if they are or if you suspect they are.
.Remain calm, pay attention, and refrain from passing judgment. If they are enraged, it may be because they are embarrassed or concerned about what you think of them.
.Urge them to get help from somebody they respect, including a doctor, teacher, or a mental health professional.
.Self-harming individuals should be encouraged to seek help from a professional or a trusted friend if they are unwilling or unable to do it on their own.

There are some alternatives that can be done instead of self harm when things are too overwhelming :

. Taking a cold shower helps in increasing endorphins, also called happy hormones.
. Go for a walk helps in distracting from self harming thought
. Watching a candle burn will help in reducing the overwhelming ideas.
. Tearing down newspapers will help in releasing unwanted anger and anxiety.
. Screaming into a pillow will help delay the urge of self harm.
. Hugging a pet will provide you comfort.

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