May 14, 2024

Self Motivation

Self Motivation  

We all are in search of wind beneath your wings. What if we tell you that we can help you find it? Go, look into the mirror. The person you see is your wind. He / She just needs to keep igniting the fire from time to time. It requires zeal and an intent, most importantly ‘Self Motivation.’ Self-motivation is the force that keeps pushing us to go on – it’s our internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keep moving forward. When you think you’re ready to quit something, or you just don’t know how to start, your self-motivation is what pushes you to go on.

Simple ways: For how to motivate yourself 

  1. Go back to “Why” – Focusing on a boring task doesn’t make it any more interesting. Taking a step back and asking yourself why you are bothering in the first place will make it better. 
  1. Find your itch – What is keeping you away from working? Figure out your why and and prolong it without isolating it and eradicating the problem. Are you unmotivated because you feel overwhelmed, tired, afraid, bored, restless or angry? Maybe it is because you aren’t sure you have time or delegated tasks haven’t been finished yet?
  1. Deconstruct your fears – I’m sure you don’t have a phobia about getting stuff done. But at the same, hidden fears or anxieties can keep you away from completing the real work which you want to do but you have fears and anxieties about it. Isolate the unknowns and make yourself confident, you can handle the worst-case scenario. 
  1. Getting a partner – Find someone who motivates you when you’re feeling low or procrastinating. Having a friend can help you to motivate yourself to work hard when you were normally quitting to do that work.
  1. Kickstart your day – Plan out for tomorrow. Get up early and place all the important things early in the morning. Building momentum early in the morning can usually carry you forward far later. Having a morning routine is a good idea for you to stay motivated!
  1. Be careful with the small problems – The worst killer of motivation is facing a seemingly small problem that creates endless frustration.

Reframe little problems that must be fixed as bigger one’s, or they will kill any drive which you have in yourself. 

  1. Build on success – Success creates success. When you’ve just won, it is easy to feel motivated about almost anything. Emotions tend not to be situation specific, so a small win, whether it is a compliment from your friend or finishing two thirds of your tasks before noon can turn you into a juggernaut. 

There are many ways you can place small success earlier on to spur motivation later. Structuring your to-do-lists, placing straightforward tasks such as exercising early in the morning or giving yourself an affirmation can do the trick. 

  1. Act like it – If you don’t feel motivated or enthusiastic then act like it.

The strange thing is that within a few minutes you actually start feeling motivated, positive or enthusiastic for real.

So, here are some ways which keep me self-motivated and I hope that it will help you also to be self-motivated. So, tell me which one is the best tip to be self-motivated. Or maybe,  any other tip that you might have to be self-motivated in your day-to-day life. Always remember that sharing is caring.


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